Mark Pigram

Love the scenery on the road

Mark Pigram is a caravan enthusiast and I love exploring the world with my wife, changing routes and destinations at any time according to interests and plans, and exploring new scenery and destinations. We are not limited by time and place and can look back on the joy and freedom of enjoying travel.

Where did you hear about Wistek?
We travel for a long time, and we can't live without solar panels. However, one problem is that we used lead-acid batteries, which have a fast lifespan. When we told our friends about this request, they recommended Wistek to us, and Wistek specializes in Lithium batteries are provided with sufficient cell capacity and are completely new.

How do you feel after using lithium batteries?
Perfect! The lithium battery pack can provide an independent power supply for the station wagon, without relying on a traditional power grid or generator. This allows the station wagon to be powered independently in remote areas or places where there is no power source, giving you the freedom and convenience. : Modern lithium battery packs can support fast charging, which means the station wagon can charge faster, reducing waiting times and improving efficiency.