Green Life

Nicola Nicolov enjoys researching and learning about various home energy storage technologies as he believes they can bring many benefits to households.
Home energy storage systems bring convenience and flexibility to families. You can choose when to use stored electricity based on your household's energy needs and market electricity prices. For example, during periods when electricity prices are high, I can use the energy storage system to provide power and save electricity bills. In the event of a power outage or emergency, the home energy storage system can be used as a backup power source to ensure the normal operation of the home.

How did you meet Wistek?
I often face power outages for 5-8 hours a day. Assuming that using a traditional generator for power will use a lot of fuel and cause pollution to the environment, it will also be an expensive expense. So I started looking for a solution that would work better for me. Solar power has lower noise and vibration. The operation of the generator will produce noise and vibration, causing disturbance to the surrounding environment and people's lives. Solar power generation is silent and vibration-free, providing a more comfortable and peaceful environment.
In addition, the stored power is also what I care about, because there are many electrical appliances in the house that need to be used. My wife needs to use the microwave oven, the refrigerator, my children need to watch TV, the home needs lighting, etc. I need a large-capacity battery.

How did Wistek help you?

When we told them our needs, Wistek gave us the most suitable solution, recommending a 15kw wall-mounted battery pack. I almost didn’t have to worry about anything. When I paid the money to Wistek, the salesperson would tell me what the product used. EVE batteries and the famous BMS, I can know all the details of the product, and we feel very at ease. Wistek provides DDP service (Delivered Duty Paid), and they also provide the transportation process, including front-end ocean shipping and back-end express delivery. There is no need to pay extra for these. The goods are safely delivered to your doorstep. You only need to sign for receipt, and everything goes smoothly.

What advice do you have for people who are trying to get started?

When I was a child, my home did not have a solar system, so I often faced power outages. This was an unforgettable thing that I longed to solve. When I grew up and used a solar system, I discovered that it is so simple. If you also have the same trouble, It is recommended to use solar energy system, you will get a different experience.
In the future, I may continue to explore more uses of solar energy, keep in touch