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General FAQ
LiFePO4 Cell
LiFePO4 Battery
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General FAQ

Grade A,brand new quality,EV level
1.Get the battery core and check the appearance, including but not limited to whether there are scratches on the PVC, whether the electrodes are rusted or polished, whether there are dents or bulges on the surface, and whether the QR code is complete.
2.Use a multimeter to detect the voltage and internal resistance of each cell. To form a lifepo4 battery, the voltage and internal resistance of each cell need to be consistent, the voltage difference should be within 0.003V, and the internal resistance difference should be within 0.02mΩ.
3.Use a cell capacity tester to test the capacity of the cell at a discharge rate of 0.2C until the cell voltage reaches 2.5V. Stop discharging. The resulting capacity is the cell capacity. The battery capacity needs to meet the specifications. Require.
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